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Chess: Levon Aronyan from Armenia defeats Vladimir Kramnik

For three days chess players all over he world were following the Kramink-Aronyan match in Yerevan, Armenia. Summing up the results of the match, chief referee Ashot Vardapetyan noted that although the match was friendly, it was rather strained. As a result, Levon Aronyan celebrated victory with the score 4:2.

President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, Prime Minister and the President of the Chess Federation of Armenia Serge Sargsyan came to see the last-day matches between the World Chess Champion and the World Cup holder.

At the closing ceremony of the match Serge Sargsyan mentioned that chess players all over the world were following the tense competition between the two chess giants. This was a match that opened a new page in the history of Armenian, and probably, world chess.
Thanking Vladimir Kramnik for the interesting game, Serge Sargsyan presented the model of Noravank to Kramnik and that of St. Nshan Church to Levon Aronyan.

Armenian chess player Levon Aronian characterized the first day of the match with Vladimir Kramnik as fighting. This was the 8th meeting between the two grandmasters and Aronian won Kramnik for the first time.

“It’s nice for me to win Vladimir for the first time,” Aronian told journalist in Yerevan after the second set. According to him in both games the whites had advantage over the black in the debut.

In his part Kramnik said the both games resembled each other and “both games ended as soon as they started”. “Like in the first game I managed to catch Levon while preparing, in the second game positions of the black were losing,” the Russian grandmaster said. In his words, both games were lost on the debut and “in future we must patch up the holes in the repertoire of the black figures,” “SportReport” reports.

Public Radio of Armenia
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