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[attachmentid=358]интересно, что здесь
Карабах отделен от Азербайджана ))))
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VisitArmenia.org is a cool web-site. I always liked it. Unfortunately, can't say the same about the BBC.
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Цитата(Марга @ 5.2.2007, 12:20) [snapback]1703[/snapback]

интересно, что здесь
Карабах отделен от Азербайджана ))))

On more and more maps (even British maps) Artsakh is marked as disputed area. Now it is not marked as disputed on "google earth" map, but it is on "MSN Live Search" and many other international maps.

P.S. Marga jan, if you don't speak English please let me know and I will post the answer in Russian or Armenian. rolleyes.gif
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[quote name='Aramo_Glendale' date='5.2.2007, 21:31' post='1707']
On more and more maps (even British maps) Artsakh is marked as disputed area. Now it is not marked as disputed on "google earth" map, but it is on "MSN Live Search" and many other international maps.
Really Google Earth you mean? I haven't seen it yet? Did they mark it as Armenia or a separate land?
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No, Google Earth unfortunately still shows Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan sad.gif There was a long discussion about this on Google Community web-page, unfortunately we were not able to make them change it. I was saying that MSN Live Search- similar to Google earth program (maybe even better than Google, because for some major cities the program offers 3D views)- shows Artsakh as disputed area.
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Цитата(Arm @ 5.2.2007, 21:03) [snapback]1699[/snapback]

my english not very well...
that's ok:) here we collect links, info that would help english-speaking population of the world to find its way to Armenia:)
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Wishup Adventures!

Interactive map of Yerevan:

yerevan public transportation routs. site is armenian only, hopefully an english version will be up soon:
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Austrian Airlines to launch daily flight to Armenian capital Yerevan

VIENNA (Thomson Financial) - Austrian Airlines AG said it will fly once a day from Vienna to the recently opened Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Other major carriers flying to Zvartnots include British Airways, Lufthansa, Aeroflot and the airport, which opened in May, expects to see a transit volume of 2 mln passengers in 2007, AUA said in a statement.
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